Earlier this week in NYC, Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Luke Wood presented the Beats Holiday 2011 Product Showcase. The new Beats by Dre line includes 3 new models of the of the popular headphone line and new colors of the standard Beats.

During the presentation three new products were unveiled and they also displayed new colors for the standard headphones which now will be available pink, orange, purple, blue and grey. The new colors of the Beats line will release next week for $350.

Jimmy Iovine spoke on the new colors of Beats, as he said:

“We like to be able to make our products pop and people like to be individuals and wear different colors.”

The stand-outs of the new Beats product line include a Beats Wireless Solo Bluetooth model which is slated to be released next month, but no price has been given as of press time.

Other stand-outs include a Portable Beat Box with built-in bluetooth; and also a special DJ headphone,The Mixr, that was designed with David Guetta. Both the Portable Beat Box and The Mixr will also release next month.

Luke Wood spoke on the new wireless products:

“Wireless usually sounds like a transistor radio. Ours sound like Beats headphones, which is a big accomplishment.”

It was also announced a Beats by Dr. Dre pop-up store, will be opened on Mercer Street in Manhattan and will be open through the holiday season.