Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated solo album, Detox, has been delayed for many different reasons over the years. It’s gotten to the point where the fans believe that it will never release. Now, we get some hope that this may be the time Dre gets back in the lab and finishes up the album as he says that he is inspired more now than ever.

During a recent interview with LA Weekly, addressing the $70 million donation to USC, Dr. Dre says he’s ready to get back to the music.

Dre explains when asked if the USC program means that Detox will be further delayed?:

No, I’m more inspired to go back into the studio now. Beats is rolling, this thing is happening, and it’s incredible. Now I’m ready to go back to my first love.

The good doctor says there is no reason for him to get back in the lab other then his love for music:

I’m going back to the studio. Not for any specific reason, but just to record because I love to record music. I’m going back in and hopefully the next Kendrick Lamar or the next Eminem walks in the door and I can work with that artist. I’m going to record forever.

Dre explains what he does with the music he initially record for Detox:

It’s not thrown away. I just love to record and it is there for whoever comes in, and if the music fits. I have tons of music stashed.

As the interview continued, Dr. Dre also gives an update on the NWA movie:

We just got the green light from Universal. I was just with Cube and F. Gary Gray yesterday writing the script, so it looks like it’s really happening. Gary is directing the movie. It’s going to be a true story. It’s going to be based on all the true events that happened.

When asked if it will be a documentary, Dre explains:

No. But yeah, I think it’s going to be great. Now that Gary is on board as director and it’s at Universal, I think it’s going to be incredible.

Head over to the LA Weekly [here] if you would like to hear more about Dre’s donation to USC.