As you all know Def Sounds has been one of [twitter=realtitolopez]Tito Lopez[/twitter]’s biggest supporters since day one, we introduced the DS fam to Tito with the very first DS Freestyle series where Tito bodied some of your favorite rappers beats.

As some of you guys may heard Tito’s been making some major moves as of late, and here we have none other than Dr. Dre co-signing the GPT rep, check out the footage of Dre meeting Tito and co-signing the super-talented emcee below.

If you need to catch up on Tito’s music check out our Tito Lopez page here. And as you guys know we lost some data late last year when the server went down, so if you’re looking for any other music from Tito let me know, and I can get it to you.

Also be on the look-out for Tito’s forthcoming project “The King’s Speech” coming very soon.