While doing promo for her tell all book, “You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea,” which released this past November, DMX’s Ex-Wife Tashera Simmons sat down for a Q&A session and dished out more dirt about DMX.

During the interview with ForbezDVD, which was recorded last year, but released this week, Tashera Simmons says that DMX is a success story that turned into a horror story and goes on to speak on the rapper’s financial status, says he’s not broke as media reports suggest, and plenty more as she isn’t holding anything back, but claims there’s a lot more she could have put out there.YouThinkYouKnow

When asked if DMX is a success or horror story, Tashera Simmons says X is a success story that turned into a horror story:

In my opinion, he is a success story that turned into a horror story, seriously.

To which she explains her opinion:

You know, with that drug comes a whole lot of manipulation. He hasn’t been doing what he’s supposed to do with his children in years. And he heard about the book coming out. And he called me. And he said “Oh, I heard you’re coming out with a book. Congratulations. I hope you’re not putting nothing out there.” And I just listened to be honest with you, because I knew that he was only calling me cause he was concerned about what I was gonna say, and I was like what’s up with the money for the kids, and he was basically ignoring that. 

As she continued, she touched on DMX’s highly publicized financial woes:

He’s not broke and I need to put that out there because some people say “Well, he’s not making any money.” DMX gets $20,000 every show still to this day. He does it twice, three times a month.

Also during the interview, Simmons claims this is a “self educational book” and she didn’t put everything out there that she could have:

Trust me, when you read the book, there’s a lot of celebrities X slept with, a lot of stuff that I could of put out there, but I didn’t do that; that’s not what this book is about. This is a self educational book that’s telling you it’s not over, just because; unfortunately, I have to put my business out there, because this is where I come from. This is where I learned.

Watch Tashera Simmons’ interview with ForbezDVDPromo below: