As Def Sounds reported back in September, during filings for his bankruptcy hearing, DMX revealed that he was flat broke and down to the last $50 in his pocket and had no money left in his bank account. Now, X’s bankruptcy hearing has moved forward, and the judge in the case has rejected the rapper’s filing.

According to CBS News, a federal judge has thrown out DMX’s bankruptcy filing out of court, which makes him fair game to creditors.

As stated in the report, on Friday, in a White Plains, NY courtroom, Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert D. Drain dismissed the 42-year-old rapper’s July 29 Chapter 11 filing while prohibiting DMX from filing for bankruptcy again for another 18 months..

The bankruptcy judge dismissed X’s filing at the request of U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis who stated in court papers that DMX failed to give the court “trustworthy information.”

Davis’ report stated, while requesting the filing be dismissed:

“[DMX’s ] obvious inconsistencies regarding his income and assets, rendering it impossible to ascertain his financial affairs.”

With X’s bankruptcy filing tossed out of court, the rapper has no protection from creditors and stands to lose all his possessions including his home in suburban Mount Kisco, New York, which currently has a lien of $453,702.

DMX’s biggest debt is $1.3 million in child support that is owed to some of the mothers of the rapper’s 10 children.

This marks the second time DMX has had his bankruptcy filing dismissed. According to court papers, the rapper’s 2009 bankruptcy filing was dismissed due to “unreasonable delays.”

The past week for DMX has been a bad one as he was also arrested, again, earlier last week on traffic related charges, you can read the report on X’s latest arrest [here].