Fox Carolina News recently caught up with DMX to speak on the possible “celebrity” boxing match against George Zimmerman.

DMX tells Fox Carolina News that the fight isn’t official yet, but believes he can win if it does go down:

I was challenged. I still haven’t decided if I was really going to do it. But if I did do it, whatever money that was supposed to go to him would have to go to charity.

He adds:

I will gladly beat the shit out of him.

X adds that it doesnt matter that Zimmerman has some weight on him:

It doesn’t matter. When you fight with your heart, you’re always gonna win.

Fox also caught up with world kickboxing champion Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, who said that he’ll put his money on DMX.

He says:

I’m going to put my money on DMX because, you know, he’s wiry… He’s obviously in better condition probably just by looking at him. But who knows.

To add, via Fox, “DMX has promised to ‘beat his ass,’ but no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet,” Domenick Nati, DMX’s publicist, said in a statement.”

The date, time, and location of DMX and George Zimmerman’s boxing match is supposed to be announced at a news conference next Wednesday (Feb 12).

Watch DMX’s interview with Fox News below: