Despite releasing his own rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” rapper DMX tells TMZ that he has no plans to release a Christmas-themed project.

“Umm, probably not,” said the Yonkers rapper when asked about the possibility of a full-fledged Christmas-themed rap album.

However, Dark Man X doesn’t completely rule out the idea. “If something comes up, I’ma bang it out. But, I’m not like, looking forward to doing a Christmas album.”

Believe it or not, X also gave his thoughts on Santa Claus. “There’s not really much dressing up like Santa Claus [in the projects]. You might get the story of Santa Claus, but when you’re in the projects, you know Santa Claus ain’t coming down the motherfuckin’ chimney, because ain’t no motherfuckin’ fireplace.”

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