DJ Whoo Kid recently spoke with Montreality about 50 Cent’s upcoming album, “Street King Immortal,” which is set for a release in the first-half of 2013.

“I heard twenty-two songs, a lot of ridiculous shit,” said Whoo Kid.

Whoo Kid also talked about an additional collaboration track with Eminem. Kid claimed, “Eminem is on there, of course, and I love the Em record. Not the one that’s out – there’s another one, I think. I don’t know if he’s gonna use it, but a lot of fuckin’ shit on there.”

DJ Whoo Kid also spoke about how “Street King Immortal” takes things back to the struggles of “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.” Kid stated, “It’s definitely an upgraded 50 Cent. It’s kinda like…the struggles of bringing it back to Get Rich or Die Tryin’, he always tries to top that, but I think he did it with this one. Kinda like, got the producers back, and his hunger’s back, too. The last couple albums was a rich 50 Cent, but I think he made his mindset back into the hungry 50 Cent, so he’s bringing it back.”