Although it has been quite some time since DJ Premier and Nas talked publicly about recording a complete album together, Premo promises the project will be done.

During a recent interview with Where’s My 40 Acres at Atlanta’s AC3 Festival, DJ Premier says that a joint album with Nas, which he will produce from beginning to end, will be released in the near future.

When asked why there hasn’t been a Nas album produced in full by DJ Premier, the legendary producer explains what the hold up is, and confirms that it is indeed coming as Premo states:

“It’s coming. I just saw him last week, it’s coming.”

He adds:

“He [Nas] has another project to drop on Def Jam, then he is a free agent. So let him get that out. That gives me time to get my artists prepped and ready. Then we can all tour together or something.”

Head to the 3:45 mark in the below video to hear DJ Premier address producing a complete Nas album or check at the full interview as the legendary Gangstarr member also speaks on Jay-Z’s “Pound Cake” verse, his favorite era to sample beats from, how much he charges per beat and more.