Just a day after he released the video for the lead single, “No New Friends,” off his forthcoming album, Suffering From Success, DJ Khaled announces the release date for the project.

During a recent interview with MTV News, DJ Khaled announces the release date for Suffering From Success as September 24th.

DJ Khaled says Suffering From Success will be a powerful album, and the “No New Friends” single proves that:

The title alone should tell you how powerful the album is: Suffering From Success. My first single, ‘No New Friends,’ should tell you I’m not playing. Consider ‘No New Friends’ #1 already; that’s in the can. That’s going #1. That’s gone. That’s going to sell over a million, too easy; that’s what we do.

As he continues, Khaled announces the date, and explains why he chose to drop it then:

The date is going to be September 24. I feel like that’s the right time because I want to be able to give you another record before the album drops and some gifts.

DJ Khaled says what he does, nobody can do:

What I do, nobody can do. People gotta understand what I do. I’m a mogul. I’m an executive. I’m a DJ. I’m an artist. I’m an entrepreneur, and We the Best Music is not just a label.

Watch DJ Khaled’s interview with MTV News below: