DJ Khaled has revealed the title of his seventh studio as Suffering From Success, and explains how he came up with the title for the album.

In a recent promo clip, DJ Khaled chopped it up with Sway and spoke on a heath scare that influenced the title of the follow up to his 2012 album release, Kiss The Ring.

DJ Khaled explains how his new album title came to be:

We just got done turning in Ross’ album, and you know people don’t realize, when you turn in an album, it’s a lot of work behind the scenes; from clearing records, dealing with lawyers, sample clearances, mix and mastering, marketing plan.

The We The Best CEO continued:

At that time, I’m running around and I notice a big bald spot on my beard that kept getting bigger and bigger. I’m acting like I don’t want to see it, I’m brushing it away and it kept getting it bigger and bigger. So When I finally got home off the road, I was like you know what, ‘I’m gonna go to the doctors.’ I don’t like going to the doctors, so I go, and she’s like it’s a disorder that comes from your nerves and your stress, but she said ‘I’m going to give you medication, and I’ll see you back in 4 months.’

Khaled adds:

Through that whole process while I’m at the doctor’s office, my phone’s ringing, I’m dealing with marketing people, I’m dealing with lawyers, I’m dealing with Ross, I’m dealing with personal shit, a whole bunch of shit at the same time. It didn’t stop, she’s thinking I’m crazy. So she gave me my medicine and all that, and she found out who I was, and after watching that 45 minute doctor’s session, she grabbed my shoulder and she just goes, ‘Son, you’re suffering from success.’ I looked at her and was like, ‘That might be the realest thing you can tell me, and it opened my mind up like, success comes with stress, and happiness. So Im driving home from the doctor’s off and I’m like, “that’s gonna be the name of my new album, Suffering From Success.’

Watch DJ Khaled’s promo clip, and you can head to the 2:20 mark where he explains to Sway coming up with the title of his seventh studio album, below: