Funkmaster Flex lets it be known that he isn’t feeling DJ Clue as goes in on the fellow DJ and drops some bombs on him.

Flex claims he hacked Clue’s email so he can premier the new Nicki Minaj track “Beez In The Trap,” which was set to be played on Clue’s radio show. After he played the record he ranted live on air, and directed it at Clue.

See what Flex had to say, and Clue’s response below:

“Let me talk to you once more. You was talking yesterday like you want to go. Make sure you’re ready to go-pause button-’cause you lost your exclusive tonight. You guys been tweeting about it all day and I took it. Okay? Now, don’t make me have to talk to you like this again, you clown. I’m so built for this. Listen to me June-June, and you listen to me good. I ain’t hold this crown for so many years for some box-head cornball to get a record tonight that you thought you was gonna get. Now, you just shut up.”

Flex adds:

“This is not your arena,” he went on. “This radio thing is not your arena. Okay? People sometimes have faith in you because they’re hoping you’ll be the next Flex. I put a stop to that ten years ago. You can’t keep up with me, boy. New York City, I’m so not being disrespectful. I just like to compete.”

Clue responds to Flex’s rant via Twitter: