Hip Hop mogul P. Diddy has settled all civil actions against him stemming from the from the Shyne shooting in Club New York in 1999.

Earlier this year, Diddy, his former protege Shyne, and the now closed for business night club struck a deal with the 3 people in the club that were shot by Shyne.

According to the New York Post, the exact terms of the settlements were undisclosed, but former Club New York owner Michael Bergos did not sign a confidentiality agreement, so he was able to let the terms of the settlement be known, as he said the most seriously injured victim was paid $1.8 million. The two other victims of the shooting were paid $500,000 and $50,000.

The now infamous shooting occurred on Dec. 27th, 1999, when Diddy was dating Jennifer Lopez and the 2, plus Shyne and their bodyguard hit the club to celebrate the recent signing of Shyne to Bad Boy Records.

The celebration turned into a nightmare when Diddy’s crew got into an altercation with a club-goer, which in turn caused Shyne to pull out his gun and start firing shots into the crowd.

Shyne was convicted of shooting two bystanders, causing him to serve a 9 year bid in prison, and as we know he was recently released from prison and subsequently deported to Belize, and signed a new record deal with Def Jam while in Belize.