As we reported earlier in the week, Trick Daddy allegedly ran up on Lil Wayne at a Miami strip club as a result of the Young Money rapper showing disrespect towards the 305 earlier this year. Now, more details surrounding Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne’s strip club altercation have come to light as an associate of Trick speaks out.

In an update posted on MiamiNewTimes’ “Crossfade” blog, sometime yesterday, an associate of Trick Daddy, who is a Miami rapper that wanted to remain nameless, spoke out on what went down at King of Diamonds as Da Mayor allegedly ran up on Weezy.

The associate of Trick Daddy explained:

He [Trick Daddy] and 20 of his guys surrounded the stage, and told Lil Wayne and Young Money to get the f*ck out of here.

He continued:

They got up, Lil Wayne got his $50,000 in dollar bills and dipped the f*ck out. And Trick followed them outside, hollering, ‘What the f*ck you gotta say about Miami now?’

Trick’s anonymous associate added that Wayne will never be back at K.O.D. again:

Trick shut the club down. He sent Lil Wayne packing like a little b*tch. No more KOD Mondays for Lil Wayne.

The unknown Miami rapper also stated that the owner of K.O.D. banned Trick Daddy from the club for running up on Wayne, and disrupting business:

The strippers were all upset because they didn’t get to make money, and the owner of KOD banned Trick from the club.

He also noted that the situation could have been a lot worse:

Security had to hold ’em back. It was going to be World War III.

Although the source close to Trick says they ran Wayne out of K.O.D., King of Diamonds’ Disco Rick has a different side of the story.

Disco Dave states:

Lil Wayne is KOD… Trick never made him leave.

As Disco Dave played the situation off, a spokesperson for the King of Diamonds’ reached out to TMZ and confirmed the incident:

It’s sad they had to revisit a situation that was Internet beef … while surrounded by naked girls.

As of this time Trick Daddy nor Lil Wayne have addressed the incident.