Last week as it was reported by Def Sounds, T.I. was removed from an Atlanta Halfway House and sent to the Atlanta penitentiary less than a day after he was released from a Arkansas prison. Now details have become known on why T.I. was really sent back to prison.

The real reasoning wasn’t officially confirmed at the time Tip was sent back to the pen, but various reports stated it was because of the way he was transported to the halfway house via tour bus. Well that wasn’t the case as court documents stating the reasoning have been revealed.

According to the court documents…Tip’s re-incarceration stems from the amount of VH1 producers that were aboard his bus, as prison officials’ state T.I. had 2 VH1 producers and his manager on board. And that was the reason for removal from the halfway house, as he was under specific instructions to be transported only with his wife Tiny, and he wasn’t allowed to conduct any business on the bus.

As CNN reports:

“Such people were not authorized to travel with him in the conditions of his furlough. He further indicated he was discussing a new reality series and a book with those individuals. The two men whose presence was questioned by prison officials each said they and T.I. believed they were allowed to ride with him since they were on the prison’s approved list of visitors.”

The VH1 producers and T.I.’s manager have submitted letters claiming they were not conducting business, but prison officials are not believing their stories, so T.I. is stuck in prison to finish up the remainder of his sentence, as  he is currently scheduled to be released on September 29th.