As Def Sounds previously reported, in late August, 2 Chainz was arrested following a police stand off as the rapper wouldn’t allow the cops to enter his tour bus.

A few days after the incident, 2 Chainz addressed the arrest, and said no charges were filed against him, and everything was blown out of proportion. Now, that may change as court documents have been revealed, and according to the records, multiple guns and many different types of drugs were found on the rapper’s bus.

As reported by, court documents filed yesterday revealed that Oklahoma City police found a laundry list of guns and drugs on 2 Chainz’s tour bus.

The KOCO report reads that according to court documents, officers found marijuana residue, metal grinders with marijuana residue, smoking pipes with marijuana residue, prescription medications without prescriptions, three Hydrocodone pills, four Flexeril pills, rolling papers, scales, a Sig Sauer SP2340, .40 S&W Caliber Semi-Auto Pistol with a magazine having 10 rounds 40 S&W ammo, a Mossberg model 500 12-gauge shotgun 20 12-gauge shotgun shells, one partial box of Hornady 40 S&W ammo, a Glock model 23, 40 S&W caliber semi auto pistol rounds, and a tar-like substance having odor of marijuana.

As of press time, official charges have not been filed against 2 Chainz or the others who were on the tour bus with him.

View the news report via, below:

Update: 2 Chainz says he’s confident that he could beat any charge brought against him.

As 2 Chainz addresses the details that were revealed, he tells RollingStone:

It’s something that, essentially, a public defender could beat. I could actually take myself to trial for a lot of this shit.

He adds:

I don’t want to waste the taxpayers’ money on this. Because, guess what? I pay a fucking lot of taxes!

Last weekend before the details of his arrest were revealed, while at the Made In America fest, 2 Chainz stated:

I’m not happy about [being targeted by local police]. I don’t want to go to jail.