As Def Sounds previously reported, [twitter=WakaflockaBSM]Waka Flocka[/twitter]’s Georgia home was raided in suspicion of prostitution as well as a search for anything in connection with gangs and gang paraphernalia.

Waka’s mother, Debra Antney, who was accused of being a drug dealer and ring leader of a prostitution operation, spoke to Global Grind on the recent events in her home:

I don’t sell drugs and I’m not a gang banger. I’m not gonna have them go through that, not none of them boys – because most of them boys are trying to get their lives together.

Antney on why the police raided the house:

They are trying to find gang-afilliated stuff that they can’t find. They’re trying to call our company gangs, like we’re all gangs – even me. Officers just called me the Candy Lady, they wouldn’t let me leave, I was the one who was really locked in there who they had. They called me the Candy Lady they said I’m the one that’s running the whole thing or whatever.

Antney on police harassment:

We go through this because they’re black, for one, so they can’t be doing anything. The police aren’t finding gang stuff – there is no gang stuff… this is what happens when people want to become celebrities themselves.