During an interview with Vlad TV, Dame Dash has responded to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex saying he’s been blackballed from the industry. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Being Consistent With His Message: “My message is consistent,” he said. “I walk it like I talk it…My whole thing is vertical. And I have a whole television network that reflects that. And you can see everything I’ve been doing while I’ve been slave broke. And slave broke is when someone that has a job considers you broke because you don’t have any liquid because all your money’s in your businesses and your real estate. And you got cash flow and independents. That’s like a slave’s fear. He’s like ‘That’s broke.’ But I’m independent rich, period. So, I can be slave broke. I’ll be slave broke all day…I’m living a good life and I get to take care of my kids. And that’s to me all that counts. Indie rich is what I want. Slave broke is wack. That’s Flex money. And you know what I’m not even mad at you Flex. I’ve decided I’m not even fuckin with you no more. You my nigga. Beef off.

360 Deals For Artists: “Everybody gets paid, but the artist,” Dame said. “And the artist is cool with that because that’s the commercial for them to go make their money selling their merch, which is their t-shirts and make their money from their show. Now you can’t—I own your ass on the road. And your clothes. And also every time you make money from endorsements. So, you actually telling someone to give up their whole entire behind. And they shouldn’t. And I’ve watched them trick people into thinking that after they’ve built their foundation and they have their show. And all their exposure is done. That they need them to go to the next level. And then have them sell their whole entire behind away. 360 degrees of your ass, pause, away. Just cause of a trick.”