G.O.O.D. Music rapper CyHi Da Prynce says that he got the privilege to hang out in the studio while Kanye West created “All of the Lights.” He explains how it was like watching an orchestra put together a piece.

“’Ye had everything in there, shakers, trumpets, saxophones, fuckin’ vocals alto, soprano and tenor… ‘All of the Lights,’ people don’t know, it’s Elton John, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Drake… All of them are on there,” he said. “He didn’t ask them to sing their own verse or their own part. He asked them could you sing a melody for a background. Like them signing ‘We Are the World.’”

CyHi gave Yeezy tons of credit for being able to keep up with everyone and all the instruments in order to “make it sound right.”

“I’m like, this is history. Swizz Beatz, he’s a super producer, he’s like cut, bounce, boom… You’re seeing real musical people coming together like a real orchestra. People who play the violins to the people who play the drums to the people who play the baritones and the brass. Music is music, so you gotta understand, There are motherfuckers who know how to orchestrate all that shit to make it sound right, and then there are motherfuckers who just play it right. But they can’t make it sound right.”