As Slaughterhouse gets ready to make it’s Shady Records debut, Crooked I discusses the highly anticipated record with Conspiracy Worldwhide Hip Hop Radio.

He first discussed the possibility of having DJ Premier included in the project.”It’s always a possibility until it’s getting pressed up and printed up,” said Crooked. “When we did the first Slaughterhouse album, we recorded most of it in Premier’s studio, in New York. HeadQCourterz.”

The West Coast emcee also discussed the difference in recording their new project campared to the last one.”I think the difference is we have a lot more elbow room on this album, because the last album was on Koch. We were kinda placed in a box. You got a lot of elbow room to be creative, and you have a CEO that’s an emcee as well. He understands where we’re coming from. It’s just a blessing, man.”

Without getting specific, Crook also talked about some of the features on the upcoming album.”There’s a lot of heavyweight producers on board; we’ll have a few surprise features with artists out there that are staying true to the craft and are reigning on the charts. It’s moreso about the sound. We don’t ever grab a record and say ‘This’ll be a smash hit if we put this person on who’s popular.’ It’s more about the sound, like, ‘Who would sound good on this?’ whether it’s an underground person or a mainstream person. It’s about who sounds the best and what would make the song come out the best.”

“We got some joints on there [that Eminem] produced,” stated Crooked. “I don’t know all that will end up making the album, but definitely he will have joints on there. He brought a couple of incredible records to the table already.” Crooked wouldn’t reveal any other producers on the project.

Props: Conspiracy Worldwide Hip Hop Radio