While doing promo for his new movie LUV that hit theaters today, Common called into Chicago’s WGCI and chopped it up with The Morning Riot and touched on multiple topics.

During his  interview, that was posted to FSD, with The Morning Riot, Common spoke on his new movie LUV, Chief Keef’s sentence, new music, Obama’s second term, violence in Chicago and much more.

Common revealed what made him choose his role in the new movie, LUV, where he just got out of jail, and he’s an uncle to an 11 year old boy, who he takes under his wing:

When I read the script, I was like ‘this is one of the most profound and powerful scripts I ever read.’ The character, as an actor was giving me the chance to do something special.

He adds:

Playing this uncle, I was able to relate to it a lot. Growing up in the Chi, we all had people we looked up to, and it wasn’t like it was one sided, they had a lot of love for us. They were teaching certain things, and it just might be street stuff. To be able to play this character, gave me the chance to show the depth of who we are as human beings, because people have the tendency to judge us, just because we’re from the streets.

As the interview continued, Common spoke on Chief Keef being sentenced to 2 months in juvenile detention:

First, I gotta to say that Keef is someone who comes from our streets of Chicago, and it’s difficult for young men who haven’t had a lot of opportunity to even say, man I have a chance.

Common adds:

I wanna say to Chief Keef, he has a great chance, he’s got a opportunity, he’s got the talent, he’s got the opportunity to get that talent out there. Right now it’s about making choices, ‘like hey, am I gonna go do this, which can turn out good for me and I can go and get everything I want out of life if I go ahead and make these good choices. Or am I gonna resolve back to certain stuff I used to do, or let my influences be like I’m gonna do this and get into some trouble, and not think about the consequences’.

Com continues:

It’s all love, I hope he continues to grow and gets his lessons, but I ain’t I hear to judge him, I’m a supporter.

As the interview wrapped up, Common revealed what new music can be expected from him:

I’m doing my first mixtape, it should be out in the spring. I’ve been working on some music, it’s super fresh. Then I got an album coming out, it will be with G.O.O.D. Music with Ye. Also we did this EP, with this group I’m working with, with No I.D., it’s called Cocaine 80s, It’s out right now. But we got some music coming out man.

Listen to Common’s interview with The Morning Riot where he also touches on some of the bad females he’s dated, Obama, violence in Chicago streets and much more.