Chicago Hip Hop veteran Common has been in the lab with No I.D. crafting his forthcoming album, The Dreamer, The Believer, and recently took some time out to speak on the direction of the album, his inspirations and working with long time collaborator No I.D.

In a recent interview with TheBoomBox, Common says he is crafting positive Hip Hop:

“It’s going to be positive Hip-Hop. Hip-hop that can really generate good spirit, the spirit of the music and just good energy,”

Common addresses working with No I.D.

“I’m excited about the album [‘The Dreamer, The Believer’]. I feel blessed that I got to work with No I.D. I’m enthused to do Hip-Hop, which is something that I have to do when I feel it.”

Com Sense added that he’s channeling the artists that inspired him:

“It’s the spirit and energy of hip-hop that made you just enjoy it and love the music and not feel like, ‘Man, is this gonna sell?’ or ‘I sold this many.’ It’s stuff that made you feel something, it’s stuff that you can use that inspired your life. I think about hip-hop like Brand Nubians and KRS-One and N.W.A. and Rakim, that stuff inspired my life. Those things really shaped who I am.”

Common’s The Dreamer, The Believer releases November 22nd on Warner Bros, and it will be his debut album on the label since leaving Universal earlier this year after 10 years with the imprint. The lead single from the LP is “Ghetto Dreams” featuring Nas and produced by No I.D., you can download the song here.