Common chopped it up with Sway In The Morning on Shade 45 during his promo run for The Dreamer The Believer which dropped today. After Sway played “Sweet,” on the show Common finally confirms that “Sweet” was directed at Aubrey.

Common stated:
“Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants, all that subliminal, you can do that too. But you might want to say that now. I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, it’s like you can’t help but think about dude, and that’s what he felt. So at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it.”

It was also brought to light that Pusha T’s verse that was released yesterday was originally intended for Common’s record, so its safe to say he WAS going at Drake as well.

It also broke today that Drake took offense to “Sweet” which Common was referring to in the below clip, as Drake said he was offended by the record, and that he knew Common was aiming for him.

View Common’s interview with Sway below as he speaks on “Sweet.”