As Def Sounds reported yesterday, Drake and Meek Mill got into an altercation in a New York club with Chris Brown. Throughout the day many details emerged telling the full story. Now more news comes from the altercation as Chris Brown has spoken with the NYPD about the brawl, Chris Brown’s lawyer goes after Drake and says he has evidence that Drake was involved in the melee even though he denied it and placed all blame on Meek Mill, and we also get footage of the fight.

As TMZ reports, Chris Brown has spoken with NYPD Detectives at an undisclosed location in NYC about the incident, and Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, went to the NYPD and presented evidence showing that Drake and Meek Mill were the aggressors of the fight.

It has also been reported that Drake has also been cooperating with authorities, but at this time it is unsure if he has spoken to the police himself or if his representatives have spoken to the NYPD on his behalf.

As the investigation takes place it has been noted that neither Chris Brown or Drake are suspects, it appears that someone from CB’s camp, who’s name has not been revealed at this time is the person of interest who the authorities are after at this point.

Witnesses to the altercation say that the man authorities are after was at CB’s VIP table throwing up gang signs. They also stated that the man yelled out to Drake’s table, “Somebody’s gonna die, and then directed some words at Meek Mill , saying, “F**k you, we’re gonna kill you n*gga,” which is what led up to the brawl.

Footage of the brawl has surfaced, but from what I’m able to tell there is not that much going on in this clip, but check it below, and see for yourself: