In the most recent development with Chris Brown’s latest run-in with the law, the singer has checked into rehab to gain insight into his anger management issues. Brown’s stay in rehab comes just a couple weeks before his probation hearing where a judge will decide if he violated his probation with Sunday’s D.C. arrest.

As reported by CNN, Chris Brown is reaching into Lindsay Lohan’s playbook for avoiding jail: Go to rehab before your court date.

Brown enters rehab with a possible four year prison sentence in sight. As reported in a previous post, LA Probation Dept. investigators are currently conducting their own investigation to determine if there’s reason to believe the singer committed a crime when he allegedly punched a man in the face on Sunday.

Following the LA Probation Dept.’s investigation, they will submit their report to the judge in the Rihanna beating case, and he will determine if Brown’s probation is in violation, and if the singer should be sent to prison for up to four years.

CNN also noted that the Los Angeles County district attorney appears to be in no mood to cut Brown any breaks this time around, and that prosecutors will most likely ask for jail time due to the arrest.

Soon after Chris Brown checked into rehab last night, a representative for the singer issued a statement:

“Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility. His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point.”

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Update: (10.31)

Chris Brown will spend up to 3-months in a rehab center to learn to deal with his anger issues.

According to TMZ, a time length for Chris Brown’s stay in rehab hasn’t been confirmed, but everyone in the singer’s camp including Brown himself is open to as much as 3 months in the facility to concentrate on dealing with his anger issues.

A source close to Brown stated:

The rehab facility has been told to take him [Brown] apart and put him back together.

Secret Service Agent To Save Brown From Prison?

According to a second report from TMZ, a Secret Service agent may save Chris Brown from prison.

As stated in official D.C. documents, a witness to the fight told D.C. police that he heard the alleged victim tell an officer that Brown never hit him.

Soon after, the cop denied that he ever talked to a witness, and that’s where the Secret Service Agent comes in.

The report from TMZ reads “A Secret Service agent, who was on duty and in uniform patrolling the streets near the White House, made contact with D.C. police and told them he happened to be around when the victim told the cop Chris never struck him. The agent says he absolutely heard the victim’s admission to the cop that Chris never struck him.”

Due to this new development, Brown may be saved from time in prison as the Secret Service Agent’s testimony could destroy the credibility of the “assault victim” and cause prosecutors to drop the assault case against Brown, which then may lead to his probation not being violated, and the singer staying a free man.

Update #2: (10.31)

Chris Brown’s Probation Officer Sees Right Through What He’s Trying To Do By Going To Rehab

In the latest report from TMZ, they get the inside scoop from sources connected with the LA County Probation Dept., and they are not buying Chris Brown’s reason for all of a sudden deciding to fix himself by going to rehab.

The report notes “probation officials think Brown’s violent outbursts have escalated and checking into a rehab facility now is ‘too little, too late.’ “

Another source familiar with Brown’s case also gave them a statement:

“Probation is gunning for this guy. They’re embarrassed by what he’s done over the last 2 years and they’ve had it.”

After doing their independent investigation, the LA Probation Dept is ready to submit  “a scathing report” to the judge in the Rihanna beating case who will decide whether or not to revoke Brown’s probation.

As mentioned in a previous report, if Brown’s probation is revoked, he faces up to 4-years in prison.