Teenage Chicago rapper Chief Keef has found himself in trouble with the law once again as he has been sentenced to 90 days in Cook County Jail’s rehab facility on a probation violation.

According to ABC Chicago, a Cook County judge has sentenced Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, to 90 days in a rehab facility that is associated with the Cook County Department of Corrections.

Keef’s sentence stems from a failed random drug test ordered by the court for a July traffic charge in which he was arrested for driving at an excessive speed in a northern suburb of Chicago.

A condition of Keef’s release on those charges was that he must take random drug tests.

The drug test Keef failed was back in September, and his lawyer said marijuana was found in his system.

Just after 3PM CST when getting word that he was going back to jail, Keef took to Twitter to let his fans and followers know his fate, as he tweeted:
Soon after Keef’s tweet, the Cook County Sheriff’s Dept. confirmed that the rapper was back in custody and was on his way to Chicago’s Cook County Jail.

The “I Don’t Like” rapper’s 90-day sentence comes just about 2-weeks after being released from jail on October 23rd for a prior probation violation for testing positive for marijuana.

Chief Keef is due back in court April 3rd, 2014.


Chief Keef Out Of Cook County Jail, Heading To Rehab Facility In California

Chief Keef has been released from Cook County D.O.C. in Chicago and is headed to California to check into rehab for his “addiction” to marijuana after failing multiple drugs tests as part of his probation for a traffic charge.

As reported by TMZ, Chief Keef has “been released from jail in Chicago and is supposed to check into rehab in California for his weed problems.”

According to Keef’s lawyer, the rapper was released from jail on Friday afternoon, and he’s expected to arrive in LA to check into a rehab facility for 90-days either Saturday or Sunday.

After Keef does his 90-day stint in a Cali rehab center, he’ll return to Chicago to complete 60-hours of community service at an equestrian center that uses horses to provide physical and occupational therapy for people with disabilities.

For his community service, Keef will have to take care of the horses which details grooming, feeding, and best of all for the young rapper, cleaning up their sh*t.