In January, teenage Chicago rapper Chief Keef was sentenced to 60 days in the Illinois Youth Center due to a probation violation. Earlier today, after serving his full sentence, Chief Keef was released.

As reported by DNAInfo, Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, was released from a juvenile detention center Thursday after serving 60 days for violating his probation.

Soon after he was released, Keef took to Twitter and thanked the fans for the support while he was away.

Keef tweeted:

Feels great to be out! Thanks for all the luv y’all showed a n*gga #300

Chief Keef’s 60 day sentence stemmed from a previous charge for pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer, and the violation came as a result of the 17 year old rapper handling a gun during an interview at a NYC gun range with Pitchfork Media.

This morning, in preparation for his release, Keef’s people released a new video from the rapper entitled “Now It’s Over.”

Update: Footage of Chief Keef being released from the Illinois Youth Center has been added.