As Def Sounds previously reported, 17 year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef was facing jail time for a probation violation as his hearing was moved up from the original January 28th date to an earlier date. Now, today Chief Keef had his day in court and it didn’t fare to well for the teenage rapper as Keef has been sent to jail on a probation violation.

As reported by DNAinfo Chicago, Chief Keef was taken into custody during a probation hearing in a Chicago courtroom, this afternoon, after a judge ruled that he violated his 2011 probation by handling a gun during an interview with Pitchfork Media at a NYC gun range.

Cook County Juvenile Court Judge Carl Anthony Walker said Chief Keef demonstrated a “clear disregard for the court’s authority” by appearing with a gun while being interviewed by Pitchfork Media.

After the judge made his ruling, Chief Keef’s attorney, Dennis Berkson, argued that the rapper was simply filming a promotional video and that representatives from Keef’s label, Interscope Records, were present at the time that the video interview was being recorded.

The rapper’s attorney stated:

This is no different than if he was in a movie. It is a movie.

Chief Keef’s probation stems from a 2011 charge for pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer where the rapper was hit with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and was also charged with a misdemeanor for resisting arrest. As a result of the case, Keef was sentenced to 18 months probation in January 2012.

Stay tuned to DS as Chief Keef will be back in the courtroom on Thursday for sentencing in the case.