Teenage Chicago rapper Chief Keef was originally scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on a possible probation violation on December 12th, but the hearing was rescheduled for January 28th. But now, it has been moved forward to January 15th, and the rappers’ manager sees the date being moved up as a bad sign that prosecutors might be sure they’ll get Keef on a probation violation, and send him to jail.

As Complex reported, Chief Keef’s probation hearing has been pushed up from January 28th to January 15th. Chief Keef’s manager, Idris “Peeda Pan” Wahid is worried that prosecutors’ eagerness to move the date forward could indicate their assurance that Keef in fact violated his probation.

Chief Keef’s hearing for an alleged probation violation stems from a previous charge for pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer, and the violation may come as a result of the 17 year old rapper shooting a gun during an interview at a NYC gun range with Pitchfork Media as the publication was forced to turn over a video interview that showed the rapper holding a gun.

Cook County prosecutors are expected to use that video when they try to send him back to jail for his alleged violations. They said the clip shows the young rapper violating a court order not to handle a firearm while on probation.

Earlier this month, Chief Keef avoided jail time as a judge in the case denied prosecutors’ request to send the teenage rapper back to jail. The request to jail Keef was made after he moved into a new home without notifying his P.O, and prosecutors claimed that this move violated his probation and he must return to jail.

Stay tuned to DS for more information surrounding Chief Keef’s hearing when it plays out in the courtroom on Jan 15th.