Last week, it was reported that teenage Chicago rapper Chief Keef was arrested for possession of marijuana as he was caught smoking weed in his Georgia hotel room. Now, Keef gives his side of the story, and he is playing the race card, and blames hotel security for being racist.

Following the arrest, Chief Keef contacted TMZ to give his side of the story and explain why he believes he was arrested.

Keef explains the arrest:

“So me and my homie Tray Savage was in the hotel room chillin’ when some fat ass security guard started knocking on the door talking about he needed to fix a water leak.”

He adds:

“So his ass walked in and started looking around at us and immediately gave me the racist look then started talking sh*t to me.”

Keef continued:

“I told him, ‘I thought you wanted to fix a water leak?’ Which he obviously lied ’cause there was no water leaking.”

The rapper said the security told him that he was going to call the cops, so he called him a bitch:

“Then he immediately started talking sh*t to us. He told me that he was going to call the police on me so I called him a bitch.”

Keef said he blew smoke in security’s face, and flashed his bond money:

“He kept saying how the police about to be on their way to lock me up so I blew smoke in his face and pulled out 30 racks and said I got the bond money — there is more where this come from.”

Chief Keef says he felt the security guard was…

“racist from the moment he walked in the room. The way he looked at us was a racist look.”

After Chief Keef gave his side of the story, TMZ got in contact with the security guard that called 911, and got his side of things, while he claims that racism had nothing to do with him calling the cops, he was just doing his job.

Listen to the audio from the hotel security explaining why he called the cops on Chief Keef, below: