Just about a week after his arrest on weed charges and disorderly conduct in Atlanta, Chief Keef finds himself in trouble with the law once again. The teenage Chicago rapper’s most recent arrest comes from doing double the speed limit on a Chicago expressway.

As reported by the Chicago Sun Times, Chief Keef was arrested after he blew past police at 3:45 am this morning while going 110 mph on the Edens Expressway in his 2011 BMW X6 M.

The arresting officer gave a statement of Keef’s arrest:

He was clocked at 110 in a 55 mph zone. The officers typically sit off on the shoulder and wait for speeders. He came up as a high number.

Keef was pulled over with three other men in the car with him, and he was taken into custody for going 110 in a 55 mph zone and having too many passengers in the vehicle as the teenage rapper’s driver’s permit only allows one passenger. One of the passengers was allowed to drive the BMW away.

Chief Keef is scheduled to appear in court on June 17th to face the charges.

Update: Dash Cam footage of Chief Keef’s arrest has surfaced.