Last month, a new record entitled “I’m Set” from the Atlanta group Goodie Mob leaked to the net, which brought up further speculation of a long awaited Goodie Mob reunion album. Now, the front man of the crew, Cee-Lo Green has confirmed that the reunion album is in the works, and it is almost complete.

During a recent interview with Fuse, Cee-Lo confirms the Goodie Mob album, which is titled Age Against the Machine, and will be the first album in 10 years from the group is almost complete, and should drop sometime in the first quarter of the year.

Cee Lo states:

I have a new album with Goodie Mob and we’re looking forward to releasing it in the first quarter [of this year].

He adds:

It’s tentatively titled Age Against the Machine. We’re still mixing and doing a few more guest appearances and putting the final touches on it, but yes, it’s pretty much done.

Watch Cee-Lo Green’s interview with Fuse, below: