Last night, after having the internet in a frenzy following the release of his 10 minute diss track “R.A.I.D.” aimed at Meek Mill, Cassidy called into Philly’s Hot 107.9 and spoke on the track, says he cleared things up with AR-AB, advises Meek not to reply, announces new single, and more.

As Cassidy chopped it up with the DJ Caesar on Hot 107.9, he spoke on the “R.A.I.D.” diss track, and why he went in for 10 minutes:

You know that’s what I do, I rhyme, I got bars. I could just go as long as I wanted too, it’s not like I planned it to be exactly 10 minutes. I just planned to go in and get a lot of things off my chest.

He adds, while announcing his new single is coming soon:

My core audience and people who love Hip Hop, love when I go in like that. They don’t want me to tease em with it, they want me to go in. When I’m trying to make a single, like the song I’m gonna send you so you can blast it off real soon, I’m gonna make it shorter so radio can spin it and can play right. When you’re in a battle or making diss records you definitely have to go in.

As the interview continued, Cassidy addressed AR-AB airing him out, and says he spoke to AR and all is good now:

AR, that’s my team, everyone knows that. We’ve been running around for years together. Even husband and wife fight, brothers fight, sisters fight, family members fight, so I guess at the particular time he was feeling some type of way about a few things that happened in out life, and it was New Year’s, he was so high, drugged up and things like that. It probably came out wrong.

He adds:

I had to handle that different with AR, because that’s my people. We talked about it, got to the bottom of it and we neutralized it, and that’s that.

Cass advises Meek not to reply:

I cant tell you. I cant speak on what that man gonna do, but I wouldn’t advise that man to try and come back. The first record he came out with, he threw a few jabs, it wasn’t nothing crazy. I don’t even understand why he did it, he shoulda just fell back.

Listen to Cassidy’s interview with Philly’s 107.9’s DJ Caesar as he also speaks on his new single, explains in detail why Meek shouldn’t reply, and much more, below: