Over the past few weeks, Cassidy and Meek Mill have been making headlines as Meek put a 100k battle rap challenge on the table, Cassidy accepted the challenged then soon after, Meek backed out. After Meek Mill said he didn’t want battle, Cassidy and Meek had a war of words of Twitter, which led Cass to hit the studio to record a diss track aimed at Meek Mill, which he ended up saying wasn’t a diss track. Now, Cassidy stops by the Sway In The Morning show on and addresses the battle with Meek, says he’s the King of Philly rap and also touches on other topics.

During his interview with Sway In The Morning, Cassidy spoke on battling Meek Mill:

Cassidy stated:

That’s over with, I said I wanted to get it popping and battle, he didn’t respond, you know he don’t want to battle. I’m not gonna keep dwelling over that. You cant force a man to do something he don’t want to do, so it is what it is.

On artists in the forefront battling:

I think it would be good for Hip Hop. Good for everything, bring some more excitement back into the game. Not taking nothing away from the dudes that rhyming right, but it will be beneficial.

Battling for charity:

I want at least 100k, but I wanna put most of it up for charity. I’m gonna put it up in a lot of different areas, it aint really like for me to eat. I just wanna do it with an artist that can pull that amount of money with me. The sponsors would definitely put up a lot of bread if me and an artist like [Meek] went at it.

On the battle being a publicity stunt:

It’s definitely not a publicity stunt on my behalf, I just feel disrespected a little bit, so I’m like why not put it in a rhyme and see who’s really the best. It’ competition, that’s how Hip Hop started that’s what it’s all about.

When asked in terms of rapping, who’s the King of Philly rap right now, Cass replied:

As far as rapping, me, that’s never gonna change. It’s my city man, anybody with any sense in their head knows what it is.

He adds:

As far as rapping, bars go, it’s me. Second in line is my man Ar-ab, top goon in Philly. OBH, Larceny Family holding it down. Anything other than that, they’re just runners up.

Watch Cassidy’s interview with Sway In The Morning to hear what else he has to say, below: