Over the past couple of weeks, Cassidy and Meek Mill have been making headlines as Meek put a 100k battle rap challenge on the table, Cassidy accepted the challenged then soon after, Meek backed out. Then yesterday it was reported that Cassidy and Meek Mill had a war of words of Twitter, which led Cass to the studio to record a diss track aimed at Meek Mill. Now, Cassidy stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning show and touched on the issues he has with Meek.

During his interview with The Breakfast Club, Cassidy addressed the beef with Meek Mill, Meek’s challenge to battle, the “Diary of Hustla” diss track, and more.

Cassidy spoke on the “Diary Of A Hustla Track”:

It wasn’t a diss record. I was messing around with the beats, just got my MP back, and put something together. I put it out a couple hours after the Twitter situation, so everyone called it a Meek diss, but it wasn’t, it was just a record I put out to give the streets some bars.

He adds:

If I do a diss record, it’s gonna be on the “Ether” level, if not worse. It’s gonna be direct, you’re gonna know it’s a diss record, you’re gonna know who I’m talking about.

Cass touches on where the problems with Meek stemmed from:

If you woulda asked me a year ago about Meek, I woulda had nothing but love for him. When he was in Philly before he got into the situation I was doing songs with him, brought him out with me to shows, took him to BB Kings. I just felt once he got on, things wasn’t exactly the same. I don’t know if he was busy or he switched his pitch. I don’t know, but I still kept it all the same, until I started seeing him talking crazy on Twitter.

He continued:

I know you know about couples ago, he started saying slick stuff of Twitter, because I retweeted something that someone said. I’m not even sure if I read the whole tweet, I just wanted to let him know people in the street still want to see us do music like we used to now that he’s on. But he started talking crazy, and I wanted to wait til I seen him so I can talk to him. Then I seen him at the 2K party, we were bussin’ it up, and he made it seem like everything was cool, so I left it alone.

As the interview continued, Cassidy spoke on battling Meek, and how it came about:

Then I was in the studio the other day, and people started calling me and telling me he wanted to battle me. I was like that don’t make sense to me, he knows what I’m capable of. You know, I was gonna give the money away to charity. We got the sponsors to put up the chicken for us, so I thought it would be good for Hip Hop. No disrespect on the music dudes doing these days, but it’s not to focused on bars like he used to be. Dude used to be focused on saying the craziest things. Now, it’s more about having fun. I thought it would bring some excitement back in Hip Hop.

He addresses Meek backing out after he accepted:

Then a little while later I found out he didn’t want to battle me. He said he wanted me and Mook to battle. Even though he did say he wanted to get back in the battle game with underground rappers, and if he could battle someone that was on would be even better. So for me coming to the table I shoulda fit into that category. But he knows what I’m capable of, so I guess he just reconsidered when I said I wanted to do it.

Watch Cassidy’s interview with The Breakfast and hear what else he has to say about Meek Mill, below: