In a recent interview with the AllHipHop website, rapper Cassidy spoke about the discussion of a battle with he and Meek Mill.

Cassidy was asked directly if Mill had done enough yet to warrant a diss record-response, to which Cassidy replied, “If I do a diss record to Meek, it’s going to be on the ‘Ether’ level, if not worse. It’s going to be direct; you won’t have a hard time figuring out who I’m coming at. But I didn’t feel as though enough was done for him to deserve a diss record yet. He’s going to really have to get out-of-pocket, put me in a song or say something crazy to get a diss record. I would advise him not to do it, because if he jumps in the ring with me, it’s going to be problems. He knows what I’m capable of, and he knows how I get it in, so I don’t blame him for backing out. If I was him, I would have backed out, too.”

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