To follow up the “R.A.I.D” Meek Mill diss track, Cassidy raises the stakes in the beef with Meek another step higher as the Philly rapper headed out to a Raleigh, North Carolina nightclub and got up with the Gangster Disciples. And as you may have heard, the GD’s have issues with Meek Mill’s boss Rick Ross and may or may not have had the MMG Tour shut down to due safety concerns.


While out in NC, Cassidy sat down with Big Tyme TV for an interview, and before Cass got into his ongoing feud with Meek Mill, a Gangster Disciple member took the mic and let the MMG crew know where they stand as he hollered out MBK (Mayback Killa), and proceeded to state that Cassidy’s good, but let Meek and the MMG camp know if they try to come through, it’s not going to be all good for them.

As the film continued to roll, Cass chopped it up with Cutta Man for Big Tyme TV and spoke on his beef with Meek Mill.

Watch Cassidy’s interview with Big Tyme TV, below:

For some reason, the video clip that first surfaced was chopped off a minute and a half short as now we have the full interview and one of the GD members goes in on Meek Mill at the end of the video as he states:

We aint playing with them n*ggas, MBK, Maybach killa. Cut the check, Maybach killa, cut the f*cking check.

He adds:

Meek you lucked up on a show, we booked that show, you lucked up that we didn’t get the word til a week later. You lucked up dog.

In rumors that just hit the net as well, Rick Ross has put in an order that Meek Mill or anyone in the MMG camp cannot reply to Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D” diss track.

Word has it that Rozay has stated to his camp that nobody is to reply to Cassidy on wax for the fact that it’s in the best interest for business not to engage in a beef that can potentially damage the MMG brand.