Canibus who known for his hard hitting bars and battles had a very disappointing showing in a recent rap battle vs Dizaster, as he couldn’t take the heat and forfeited the match as he pulled out his notepad.

“In the 3rd round canibus forfeited the match but still wanted to bust from his note pad. Canibus fell off forgetting his lyrics the first 2 rounds, and decided to pull out the pad for the 3rd so people would get what they paid for. Unknown injury to Canibus arm. Dizaster went easy on him, in a way only dizaster can.. Respect to both of them! Canibus we expected better from you, but were not mad at yah… Your still one of the greatest of all time..” – CityofHipHop

Canibus, where they do that at?

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DS fam check the video footage below, and take to the comment section to leave your thoughts and opinions on Bis pulling out his pad during a battle.

Updated: Full battle added, see what made Bis’ choke in the first place:

He wasn’t lying when he said… Slaughterhouse, I brought enough rhymes to snuff all of them out,” no-one knew he meant in his notepad, until he pulled it out.

Hit this link if you want to see the battle w/o the extra commentary, here.