New York rapper [twitter=Ruleyork]Ja Rule[/twitter] has been sentenced to two years in prison for gun and drug possession charges stemming from a 2007 arrest, which also landed Lil’ Wayne behind bars.

The incident occurred in July of 2007 when Jeffrey Atkins and and two friends were pulled over after leaving Lil’ Wayne’s first concert at the Beacon Theater in New York City.

According to the New York Daily News, police reported finding a loaded .40-caliber Taurus handgun inside the rapper’s luxury Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

A police source stated that the gun’s serial number was grounded off. Ja Rule, Cherry, his road manager, and driver Mohamed Gamal were charged with criminal possession of a firearm. Gamal has since died.

Lil’ Wayne was subsequently arrested after his tour bus was stopped by police officers for a traffic violation.

The officers smelled marijuana and boarded the bus where they found Derrick Lawrence of Brooklyn attempting to flush half-a-pound of pot down the toilet.

They also recovered an illegal, loaded .40-caliber Taurus handgun.

Ja was facing four years in prison, but according to MTV’s Jayson Rodriguez, he struck a plea bargain; he wills serve two years.

More details to come as the story develops.