G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean recently spoke to HypeBeast about his upcoming sophomore LP, “Hall Of Fame: Memoirs Of A Detroit Player,” as well as plans for a potential future clothing line.

On the new album, which will feature production from Kanye West, No I.D. and KeY Wane, Sean said, “I feel like anybody who does what they love to do or is trying to do with their lives that works hard, they’re trying to get to their own hall of fame in they own way, you feel me?” Big Sean continued, “And ‘Memoirs of a Detroit Player,’ that’s just what I am. You’re going to hear times I went through that I feel like situaations are really going to be relatable to people. Great storytelling, great features on there, of course No I.D., Kanye. Everybody. KeY Wane got production on there, so it’s going to be tight.”

On the aforementioned potential clothing line, Sean said, “There’s not a specific thing that inspires my style. At least when I was coming up, it was cool to follow trends. Everybody was setting trends and rocking trends. For me, I realized the coolest thing to do is to do what you want to do. The number one goal is music, but that’s something that goes along with it. The style and whatever you feel like doing, it just seems like I have to make my own clothes because I can’t find clothes that I like too much. So I always make my own vests and shit or whatever, shoes, vests, different pieces, t-shirts.. It’s going to evolve into something eventually when I get it together, but right now, we’re taking it as it comes.”

Check out the complete interview online at the official HypeBeast website.