Big Sean is featured on Lil Wayne’s new single “My Homies Still, and fans have been wondering how Pusha T would feel about his label mate being featured on the artist he is beefing with single. Big Sean says Pusha shouldn’t feel any kind of way, and that everyone should just be cool, because he thinks beefing is wack and he is cool with everyone on both sides.

Big Sean spoke to Philly’s Wired 96.5 about Pusha and Wayne’s ongoing beef:

“I think beef is weak. Crack is wack. I don’t encourage that. Yeah, I’m cool with Lil Wayne, I’m cool with Pusha T, I’m cool with everybody. The thing is, people gotta understand that we got no point in beefing. We got families to take care of, we got moms to take care of. I ain’t about to be over here arguing with nobody. We all on the same team. We all young men, black men, black, white, it does not even matter, but just entrepreneurs trying to get it”

Watch Big Sean’s interview with Wired 96.5, below (Head to the 40 second part of the clip to hear Sean speak on the beef):