As Def Sounds previously reported, Big K.R.I.T.’s debut album, Live From The Underground, which was originally scheduled to be released on September 27th has been put on the back-burner and wont be released until 2012.

Now the Mississippi rep explains the reasoning behind the delay.

K.R.I.T says he need more time, as he explains:

“I really just wanna take out more time and work on the music, and they let me do that.”

As he continued, the Def Jam rapper says he needs publishing on samples:

“With some of the samples that I chose to use, tracking down the person that owns the publishing has become a task. It’s just something I’m not quite used to dealing with.”

He spoke on features that he will have on the album:

“There’s two features that came up that I had the opportunity to work with. I ain’t gonna mention who they are—they super, duper legends, put it like that. And I got some records on there that I feel like the subject matter and the content, I just needed to kind of mold it a little bit better.”

K.R.I.T promises the first single will be dropping soon, and he might drop an EP before the album:

“The single’s definitely coming out very soon,” he promises. “[I] probably won’t do a full blown 22-track mixtape before the album comes out, but maybe a small EP. I’m definitely gonna drop more content, but my primary focus is this album.”

Watch Big K.R.I.T.’s interview with XXL below.