Last year Def Sounds reported that Big Boi and Andre 3000 would reunite for an Outkast album. The Outkast album was confirmed by Boi Boi, but Andre 3000 shut down all talk of a new album from the duo. Since then, rumors of beef between the two have been circulating. Now Big Boi clears the air, and says there is no beef between him and his former Outkast partner.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Big Boi speaks on his relationship with Andre 3000 and denies that bad blood is the reason why the two don’t collaborate any more.

Big Boi says:

“That’s all it is. There’s never been a beef. Never — never been a beef, at all. We’re grown men who started out hip-to-hip since we were 16 years old. We’ve sold more records than anybody, you feel me?” he said. “Next year will be our 20-year anniversary. 20 years. It doesn’t seem like that because you’ve got rappers nowadays blowing up when they’re 35 and 36. We’ve already done it all by the time we were 21 and 22-years old. Our peers are our peers [but] we’re younger than some of these ni**as. We might seem like we’re older because their parents listened to us. We were teenagers when we started. We got love for everybody but there’s a perception of being older because you’ve been on top for so long. But there’s never been any beef. I’m just waiting on him to finish his solo album and we’ll see what happens after that. We good. We Gucci.”

Daddy Fat Sacks explains that the bad blood is just all “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors,” which is also the title of his upcoming solo album, as he heard people say there must be a problem if they can’t do songs together, or what’s going on? They must be mad at each other:

“I just love making music. I love people but some people get a certain perception from the outside. You know, again, there are ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors': ‘It must be a problem. They can’t do songs together,’ or ‘What’s going on? They must be mad at each other.’ It’s none of that, we’re just two grown men. We have kids now. We’re just raising our kids and doing our thing. My focus has been primarily music. ‘Dre has been focused on film. He just started doing music again, just a couple years ago with guest appearances. So it’s nothing but perception. [Perception] is a motherf*cker and people that don’t know sh*t are always the ones to talk the most and the bullsh*t flies a lot of times. One thing I like about Twitter is that you can hear it from the horse’s mouth. See somebody lying, you can be like, ‘You a lie ni**a. That’s some bullsh*t.'”