Before his new album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors even hits stores on December 11th, Big Boi has revealed that he has already begun recording for his third solo album.

During a recent interview with Elliot Wilson, Big Boi  revealed that he has already recorded 10 songs for his third solo album.

Big Boi said:

Well actually, I started the beat selection process after I turned my record in, and I’m actually ten songs deep into my next album, so I already started the beat selection for my next one.

He added:

I’m just constantly recording, and once I got the beats and came off tour, because I toured for like 18 months, I just went in the studio and starting hammering them out, just trying to string the pearl necklace together.

Watch Big Boi’s interview with Elliot Wilson as he also speaks on the new album and more, below: