As Def Sounds previously reported, 40 Glocc filed a lawsuit against Game over an altercation that took place last summer after a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills where Game filmed himself getting the best of his rival Cali rapper, and proceeded to leak the footage onto the internet. Now, west coast rap legend B-Real speaks on 40 Glocc’s lawsuit, and says 40’s breaking the street code by filing suit.

During a recent interview with VladTV, B-Real chimes in and gives his opinion on 40 Glocc’s suit against Game.

B-Real explains:

You know it’s crazy, because you never hear a rapper from the street aspect like 40 Glocc suing another rapper from the street aspect. That just doesn’t happen because it kind of defeats the purpose of that code, that “gangster code.” If you were involved in gangs, you don’t fucking talk on your enemy like that to nobody. I can understand why he’s doing that shit, but it sits weird with everybody, especially in Cali, you just don’t do that in Cali, it’s just a no no.

The Cypress Hill rapper continues:

If you’re a gangster rapper, you lose a little bit of respect there. As far as the regular individuals outside of that world, yeah, they’re gonna be like, “Yeah, go get your money.” F*ck that. You shouldn’t let nothing like that happen to you.” Coming from that background it’s just odd. This is something that obviously he’s thought about over and over again because I don’t think this is a decision that you make right off the bat. If you come from that world, you lose a little bit of respect from the other n*ggas that come from that world. Like, “Aw man, how’s he sueing this motherf*cker? I thought he was from the streets.” Who knows what his mentality is? I really definitely don’t know. We’ve never seen that before.

B-Real says he’s cool with both rappers, but he thinks the two rapper’s are setting a bad example:

I’m cool with both them homies, I got love for both of them, but I think they’re being a little irresponsible because you got kids that are fucking looking at what you’re doing. It’s one thing to be saying what you’re saying in music because it’s art coupled with a lot of different things. Whether you’re trying to inspire somebody, or educate somebody, or provoke some sort of thought. It’s all artistry, and artists say what they say. But your actions outside of that when you’re on Twitter or the Facebook or the YouTube, and you’re going at this motherf*cker or he’s coming at you, that’s going to make these motherf*ckers think that’s what they got to do. You’re leading kids into that f*cking deep ass water.

He adds:

I know Game is smarter than that. 40 Glocc is probably smarter than that too. But because of the positions they’ve put each other in, they have to react to one another so that they don’t look bad to their perspective f*cking homies. Meanwhile, you’re giving this fucked up message to these kids and maybe possibly putting their lives in danger to one another. Maybe they don’t give a fuck about that. Maybe they don’t see that. But they should.

Watch B-Real’s interview with VladTV below: