B.o.B. recently spoke to MTV News about his currently untitled third studio album. Bobby Ray claimed the new album will be a refined version of “the whole scope of a B.o.B. project.”

“Musically, really, I think it’s really what you would expect from the whole scope of a B.o.B project, but just more refined. As time goes on, you know I’m getting older, but at the same time I’m 24. I’m still young, I like to party. So I think a lot of my experiences, just really growing up in the spotlight and just being a man and just enjoying life are reflected in my work.”

B.o.B. concluded, “Man, I’m producing right now. I’m already making beats in my head, writing verses, all of that. I think really when you kind of take on a lot you really push yourself to perform at an optimal level because of the fact you can’t waste any time and you’re more efficient with everything.”

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