Legendary New York rapper AZ is fed up with the current sound of Hip Hop music and is considering retiring after he releases the sequel to his classic 1995 album Doe Or Die.

During a recent interview with SOHH, AZ talks his future plans, which include putting the mic down for good after he releases his forthcoming Doe Or Die II album.

AZ explains:

Going from a major to independent, it’s two different zones. I was doing independent from like ’05 and it’s a lot of work and then every few years, the game changes itself. This [Doe or Die II] might be definitely be my last album.

He adds:

I actually never lost [my hunger] to be honest. It was just a matter of the stars lining up and the doors opening and that certain sound coming back into existence.

AZ says he may release a mixtape before his album:

I might put a mixtape out and then put an album out because this is the last hurrah for me. I’ve got a couple of cats that are ready to come out behind me and I’ve got a good starting team and so I’m just going to play the game.

Doe Or Die II will mark the release of AZ’s ninth studio album in a very extensive career that spanned nearly 20 years.