As it was reported yesterday, Havoc aired out his Mobb Deep partner Prodigy alleging he was gay and he also made other claims. Later in the evening, the drama continued to unfold as a statement from Havoc via his rep hit the net claiming that he left his phone at a gas station and someone got into his Twitter account through his phone.

Now things are heating back up as Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club has obtained some audio of what seems to be Havoc dissing Prodigy, but Hav is denying that it is him, although a mutual friend of Havoc and Prodigy, N.O.R.E., identifies the voice as Havoc, as Noreaga says “it is absolutely Havoc.”

Listen to the clip from Power 105.1, and below that a statement from Havoc denying that it is him.

Havoc says on the recording:

“I don’t hate gay people or nothing like that, but watch these niggas in the jail come out from the woodwork who are going to tell you what the fuck he was doing. He gay. I had to smack him like a month and a half ago at SXSW.”

Head to about the 3:20 mark in the audio to hear what is alleged to be Havoc (although I recommend listening to the whole clip), and N.O.R.E gets on the line right after and confirms that’s Hav’s voice.

Soon after Power 105’s The Breakfast Club released the audio clip of Havoc dissing Prodigy, he denied that it was a recording of him.

“This got me rolling on the floor right now. No, I lost my phone yesterday at the Knicks game. I put a statement out, because I didn’t hear about none of this until the afternoon. I was trying to get my phone back and went to the Apple store.”

Hav adds:

“I have a password app folder with all my passwords in it for all of my social networks. I have no reason to lock my phone. I never lost my phone before. H.N.I.C. 3 is about to come out, make sure y’all cop that album. I guess this is great promotion, man, this is crazy.”