Cormega has released the artwork and track listing for his highly anticipated album, Mega Philosophy, which drops on July 22nd. All tracks are produced by Large Professor, which surely won’t upset anybody:

  1. A New Day Begins
  2. MARS (Dream Team) (feat. AZ, Redman, Styles P)
  3. Industry
  4. More (feat. Chantelle Nandi)
  5. Reflection
  6. D.U. (Divine Unity) (feat. Nature)
  7. Honorable (feat. Raekwon)
  8. Rap Basquiat
  9. Rise (feat. Maya Azucena)
  10. Home (feat. Black Rob)
  11. Valuable Lessons (feat. Jarell Perry)

Here’s what Mega recently said about the album:

“It’s hard to believe that July 22nd will be almost 13 years to date since I dropped my first album. So much has changed in my life. I’ve become a parent, traveled the world and seen beauty and devastation co-exist. I’ve seen people suffering yet smiling and what’s real to me has changed from 13 years ago. After all I’ve experienced, I refuse to be a grown man rapping about money, clothes, and jewelry. Mega Philosophy is another type of realness. This music comes after years of soul-searching, traveling, living, and represents for a way of life that has been diluted and infiltrated. It’s about more than just dropping an album; it’s about creating a legacy. Something that our children’s children will remember as Real Hip-Hop. Through Mega Philosophy, I hope to elevate and inspire those willing to reclaim our culture and legacy. Live It Fully or stay in your place and let the originators continue to originate.”