TDE’s Ab-Soul recently sat down with HardKnockTV and touched on multiple topics including meeting Nas for the first time, what’s next for the Black Hippy crew, his forthcoming JMSN project, if he’s eating yet and much more.

During his Q&A session with HardKnockTV, Ab-Soul spoke on meeting Nas for the first time:

That was just actually me sneaking backstage man, sneaking a picture in with him. I don’t think he’s really heard of me in particular. That was just me being a fan, having an opportunity to snap a flick with him. I went to go out there with JaNae, she opened up for Nas and Lauryn Hill, I had to leave, so I couldn’t catch Lauryn, I wanted to if I could just shake Nas’ hand and just give him my peace and that was enough for me.

He believes he’ll work with Nas in the future, but didnt want to discuss it during the first meeting:

I’m sure we’ll definitely link up somewhere along the line, but I didnt even want to have that conversation with him, I just wanted to tell him how I felt about him, and that was great.

As the interview continued, the TDE rapper is asked what’s next for Black Hippy, as he states:

I don’t know man, you gotta ask them guys (laughs)

Ab spoke on what he’s working on, what’s the next project to expect from him:

It will probably be this JMSN project. That will be my next big endeavor. It’s gonna be crazy, real crazy. Probably be looking at that next for sure.

Watch Ab-Soul’s interview with HardKnockTV, where he also speaks on his “Double Standards” track, elaborates on the song “Pineal Gland” saying that it’s not about smoking DMT, but about the natural DMT, he answers the question if he’s eating yet and much more, below.